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– Our floating shelves have two different 2+2 design combinations. The metal baskets underneath dramatically expands the storage capability of the shelves. You only need to purchase 4 shelves to achieve 6 levels of storage spaces. The meshed metal baskets allow you to sort items easily. With 2 classic shelves and 2 industrial style wooden shelves with metal baskets, this charming multi-functional shelf combo is perfect for any interior spaces.
– Our wood shelves can be used in different places bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, laundry room, and office. In the bathroom, you can use our shelves to store toilet papers, towels, and toiletries. In the kitchen, they are perfect for spices and coffee mugs. In the living room, our shelf combos will brighten your room for books and decor displays. These shelves are not only super practical for storage but also artistic for home decorations.
– Our floating shelves is made of solid wood and matte painted metal brackets. Each wooden board has been carefully polished 3 times to give it a smooth finish. The reinforced metal brackets can support 40 lbs. of weight.
– Our product simply structured: wood boards and metal brackets. The metal brackets have per-drilled holes for simple installation. All the parts and installation instructions are included in the package.
– Product Dimensions: 41.91 x 15.24 x 15.24 cm, 1.36 kg.


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  1. Commandment Keeper

    These went up as simple as can be. They look great! Fairly sturdy as long as you don’t overwhelm the shelf with to much and as long as you mount it into a stud. 5 stars

  2. Carlos

    Easy to install and looks great

  3. Liliz12

    Really great quality shelves, I love the style and the quality is amazing wow!They do hold a lot of things the only thing that bothered me was the placement of the screws it was a little difficult putting it together.

  4. AudetteA

    Shelves look great with the die cast cars on display in my son’s room.

  5. Loriann

    I’ve been looking for floating shelves for a while. I decided to get these because of the option with the baskets. It just looked really intriguing. They were easy to install and hang. They look great on the wall. The baskets were what really sold these to me, and I’m very pleased.

  6. Jasmine

    Very easy to put together. Love the design. Got these to put some picture frames on it for my bedroom. Highly recommend.

  7. Bill PlunkBill Plunk

    You get quite a deal with this set of 4 floating shelves with two standard plank shelves and two with cage bottoms. Depending on your needs/preferences, the plank shelves can be mounted with the brackets underneath for an open-air feel or flush at the edges and upright to provide a little containment to the shelf occupants. The shelves come with mounting hardware that includes two different types of wall anchors, a short Philips screwdriver, and a small bubble level. The attachment screws for the brackets are relatively short and don’t include any spares, so you have to exercise care when working with them. It’s not recommended that you use a power tool for them, the instructions call for you to manually tighten them with the provided screwdriver to avoid any damage and ensure maximum hold and support. The paulownia wood is lightweight and has a nice varied wood grain to it across all four planks both top and bottom, so you can mix and match them to get the best look since there aren’t any pre-drilled holes that lock you in. It’s a good idea to mark your mount points with the tip of the screws and then start them a couple of turns without the brackets in place as you don’t have a lot of room to work with especially when mounting the cage baskets. Assembly is pretty straightforward, I had all four shelves together and installed to the wall in under an hour. They look great and provide a good bit of additional storage room and decorative space over my turtle tank habitats and the wood-and-black combination goes well with the rest of the items in the same space.

  8. Amber M

    So all jokes aside, in this price range, this is hands down one of the BEST sets of wall shelves that I’ve seen; its similar in quality to some of the much larger pieces that are $100 and up! These assemble and mount very easily and have a nice sturdy hold. Overall I think that this is an awesome set at an even better price! I would highly recommend these☺️👍🏾

  9. NrsLori

    Easy to mount with instructions. I used them to match current shelves I have – black always matches.Can be configured many ways.

  10. Jessica M.

    I got this shelf’s for my sons room, his room is decorated with an industrial look and this shelf fit perfectly with his decor, the quality is excellent and they are pretty sturdy.

  11. Bronx Book Nerd

    I have used so far only one of the shelves from this set to place above my toilet bowl so as to remove everything I had on there. It looks great and was very easy to install. Relieves me of the more complicated cleaning of the top of the bowl with all those bathroom items on top.

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